Searching for Death

Searching for a place to die

In my nine lives as a cat

I searched for a place

Where no sleeping dogs lie

 I searched for a place so I could die


In my sorrow as a dog

(For I always feared a dog’s death)

I searched heaven and earth for mercy

 And got none instead


When I was that beautiful leaf

My beauty lasted but for a day

For then I wilted and died

And the breeze blew me away


As a man in places so far and away

 I went to the northern skies

And countries that have no dawning day

I went to mountains high and mighty

And to rivers and oceans deep

Just to find some place

Where I could find that eternal sleep


Death never came

Stubborn as she is

She remained unseen

And immensely missed


I came back home

And then she came

Perched on a stone

He picked it up and let it fly

He was my own son


I laughed with a sardonic smile

As to why when I couldn’t die

Where men can’t live

Why such a sad death given was I?

Satan’s Story

I tell a story

These woods are too scared to tell

For here even thoughts are heard

And here do the demons dwell

One does hear silence at night

Hoping no sound touches their soul

And then a shrill scream blinds the night

And then we can see no more

When the dawn breaks

The red sun awakens the lifeless eyes

And there is blood gushing in the river streams

And the land burns sad and dry

And as one walks down this lifeless lane

Where the demons dwell

One can hear the whispering skeletons

“Welcome to Hell.”

Ode to the Human Heart

Come home Oh sailor heart!
My grey skies beckon!
You were swallowed by the seamless seas
for too long have you drowned
So come back home my dear heart!
come back to your worn out soul!

Heed this empty world’s pain
and be kind to this battered life
Come back home oh sailor heart
Come back to your battered soul

This solitude is punishment enough
this hurt has hurt for too long
so come back oh mighty heart
can’t live in a heartless soul

You lived in my thoughts and dreams
before you sailed away
come back home my heavenly heart
from my dreams have gone astray!

You’ve been here before

You’ve been here before

The trees remember

The blood washed away though

 But the still waters reminisce

 You’ve been here before

Where the nights howled

The day lights whispered

And the dawns were scared


You’ve been here before

The child remembers

Your best friend, comrade

Who you left to die


You’ve been here before

The woods revenge the innocent

And the air breathes stale

The nights tell a tale


You’ve been here before

As your own morbid self

 As the child who killed his best friend

As the son who hid behind the shelves


You’ve been here before

I remember, I was 10, you 15

We walked the woods on bare feet

And you left me there beaten, bruised


You’ve been here before

Are you able to breath in spite of the fear?

 You shouldn’t worry for I’m here

 And you won’t go anywhere…ever again.