The Unknown Lover

He sits
in an open grave
his innocence sometimes sinfully craves
a morbid sense of love
who’d love him
if not her
the darkness of a hidden sky
she, who lives with a shadow
and a tear in the corner of her eye

He sits
perched on a grave
for the dismal joy
that comes in pain
who’d love him
if not her
the death of sound
she, who lives in silences
and for unknown music she dances
She is the unknown lover
a shroud, veil of secrets
the start of all of life’s mysteries
and the end of bleeding regrets..

The Long GoodBye

Thought it shouldn’t matter
Thought it would drown in your weak laughter
In a breeze it stayed
My dreams of a new heart for
You lie lost deep in those sheets
The machine hums as you smile in your sleep
In a moment of prayer
I drown all my sorrows of losing
“Nothing’s sad Nothing happy
Most of the times we just…be”
In your words
I’ll find that my forever will be
It’s a long night
I breathe in every last of your sight
In your dreams
you will see a future,won’t
You opens your eyes
and gaze right through my sigh
“You will be fine” you say
And the pain just leaves…for this last while

The Dawn


Broken pieces of glass
an untouched wrist
tears running wrought
and causing a blinding mist

The wind blew in
and shattered it all
and with all this mess
this room’s suddenly too small

But as the sun shines through
the glasses shine
through all this sorrow
this light seems mine

Too many years I have lived
with no knowledge of light
with only strength of my trusted senses
and this mind’s might

So now when the good times dawn
and the light shimmers past
I smile and wonder
Was ti just the wind that broke the glass?