Lady Antebellum: Need You Now

I very rarely think of music reviews, but come one give me a break it’s Valentine’s Day and though I am not much of a mushy person, this album could be a perfect rebound album!
I am not much of a country music fan (used to stick Shania Twain until she started singing songs like Up!) but this one is the most perfect, feel good album I have heard in a long long time!

I started with the title track, song writing is very important for country songs, “Need You Now” is a good  start up. It talks of what I call a relationship relapse. The fact that Charles Kelly (lead vocals) and Hillary Scott (the fairer lead vocals 🙂 ) have the option of a duet makes this band even better! There is flexibility, and unlike other country albums all songs don’t seem like the same.

The band started like the perfect 21st century story, Scott and Kelley met over MySpace and decided to form a band with Haywood. Haywood is pretty impressive with the guitar but it’s definitely the strong vocals that pulls them through.

I would single out “Hello World” and “Our Kind of Love”, the serenades can pull at heart strings and leave you with a smile. “Something About a Woman” should probably be a good gift for your Valentine. All in all, a cup of coffee, Marquez’s Love in Time of Cholera and this album in the background make for the perfect toast to love this Valentine’s Day.

I know this may not be the perfect review for this album, most critics have said it’s the same tried and tested formula of Country Music. But for me it’s a re-entry.Play it on your car while going for a long drive with that special someone and the effects will be telling but then even John Mayer and Coldplay can have similar effects on dates so I won’t read much into that.

But they are new to this so I think we should give them a chance. So check Lady Antebellum for that feel good Valentine’s Day (or u could just go check out the corny “Valentine’s Day” flick, I couldn’t care less LOL )

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