Nirvana :)

Silence, the beautiful silence
an unsought luxury
a fallacious misery

in it lies my uneventful day
in it the sunshine blossom brings
in it my heart now sings

Hush! for now, oh lullaby,
for my mind loves to sleep
with silence for hugs and keeps

I walked miles for this
my life’s mighty zahir
and to imagine He sits
deep in my heart on a throne of peace! 

The Quickening Maze

The Quickening Maze is a tale of mysterious journey through a poetic mind’s endless intricacies and Adam Foulds makes it look like every word should be a part of a beat and every sentence a song.

“Walking towards the wood, the heath, beckoning away. Undulations of yellow gorse rasped softly in the breeze. It stretched off into unknown solitudes.”

The protagonist (if we can call him that!) poet John Clare takes us through the different entanglements of the human mind. Stuck in Dr. Mathew Allen’s asylum, John Clare feels imprisoned and longs to meet his childhood love, his wife and his children. Dr. Allen’s family has been brought under a lot of scrutiny as the charismatic doctor falls prey to the greed of modern industrial world and begins to neglect his asylum. 
The different characters of the asylum have been perfectly painted, each with one’s own specialty.  Simon the idiot, Margaret who strives for the “Lord’s Blessing”, Charles Seymour the count lost in love, the good mad in the “Fairmead House”, the absolutely blaring lunatics at the “Leopard’s Hill Lodge”, all add significant twists to the tale. 
And into this dark and unending maze, enters Lord Alfred Tennyson to stay close to his brother Septimus, a patient in the madhouse. 
Alfred Tennyson, in the book, is a dashing young poet mourning the recent loss of his best friend Arthur Hallam and embarrassed by the Tennyson family’s history of mental illness. The Allens are the perfect family that Tennyson envies in all sincerity. The family lives and breathes softly under the shadows of an over ambitious father, even the youngest Abigail has a small role to play in the story. Every character has been done justice and above all else, the poetry of it all has been done justice. 
While John woefully starts of a sonnet looking for his beloved Mary in the woods, Tennyson, the mourner, sees a “white fabric, candescent, pure, flowing through itself, surging, charged, unlimited.” All the metamorphosis of living beings, he says.
It’s easy to figure out why Foulds was the only one who could come with a story so perfect. He knows what it takes to be a poet: the energy, the restlessness, the insane torture of it all! He had said in an interview of his books, “These books wouldn’t be arising if what I was struggling to articulate was not occluded in some way.” brings us back to why he is so perfect. 
All of us poets, (if I dare to call myself that!) are living in a tormented world. So was John Clare, only his world was a bit crueler. It gnawed at his flesh and left him scarred for life. This is a story of his descent; it’s a story of the fall of charisma and the story of life just moving swiftly along. Do read it. He didn’t disappoint me at all. And Foulds, with that intense gaze you can look right through any story but then that’s what petrifies us all right?

Joy and Sunshine!

Oysters of the world unite

life has come calling

the merriness of a brand new light

has all the lonely hearts falling

walk with me, my joy

bless me, my new found glory

walk with me into a new Troy

as my feet etch a new story

The tulips are out in the sun

with their heads held high

the roses are out on the run

they let a out a sad sigh

my smile has beat a forlorn love

my dreams have moved on

I finally understand the heavens above

happiness in an unloved heart is not always wrong

And then the Gods smiled :)

When you start thinking the world is out to impress you, and not the other way around. Things suddenly fall into place. 
Alice Walker must have had a backbone of steel and a pen that won’t stop to have written this saga. The Color Purple has been interpreted in so many ways by so many people. Some call it the story of human spirit, others a tribute to all women. But to me it represented relationships, friendship, sisterhood and how sometimes you don’t even need to be related by blood to feel empathy. 
The story starts off on a terrible note, raped and abused by her own father, rejected by her mother, Celie is brought up surrounded by injustice. The parts of the book where she is pain with labor bearing her own father’s children was too painful even to read! She is ashamed of herself, a typical psychological trauma that all victims of childhood sexual abuse feel. And yet, through all the pain, her one priority in life is to fight for her sister Nettie. She prays to God Nettie is not bought by a Mr.——— (She never mentions his last name almost yelling out his insignificance) and is almost glad she is trapped into marriage with him. Through all the torture from her husband, her ungrateful children,she has but one thought and prayer, that Nettie comes out of her house safe away from abuse and away from shame. 
The story takes you through a journey of self realization and Celie makes you laugh and cry for all the naivety she is born with! It’s like watching a little girl grow up and find wings. Shug Avery is the perfect heroine who saves the damsel in distress from the clock tower, the irony of course being that Celie’s husband is crazy about Shug. Their friendship is one of contrast, Shug, the loud one, doing pretty much everything out of her own free will and poor Celie, whom everyone sympathizes with, taking in everything like a tree (a comparison she makes herself!) 
But the book has many more layers, it’s not just a story of long lost love finding itself, but that of motherhood, sisterhood, friendship, love and most importantly the freedom to be able to love and pray as one wishes. God is an interesting concept in the book. For Celie, god is a bad dream who sits there takes in all and does nothing but the entire concept of an untrue god changes in the book.

“I think it pisses God off if you walk past the color purple in the field somewhere and not notice it.
What did it do when it pissed off? I ast.
Oh, it make something else.”
Celie wins you over with her simplicity and innocence; Shug with her passion, energy; Sofia with her strength and Nettie with her perseverance. Each character in the story has been written with an innate human quality. Yes, it is about the triumph of a woman’s spirit but it’s also about finding the silver lining when there is no hope. It’s about holding on to those we love and keeping promises.
It taught me one thing, that Life is what we make of it. Lovely book, a must read for those who dream of a bigger better life! 🙂 Love you Alice!