A Miner’s Day

Hiding behind these awkward lines
he dreams of emptier lives
his day begins at death of a friend
The silence screeches through the mine’s dark ends
He has been here before 
in his love of the dark he has explored.
Yesterday, was dark in and out
Today, is friendly in its dust and doubt
The dreams end, and so does the day
his ascent begins with home on its way
Out there, the world is a scheming malice
and suddenly the darkness deep down was a bliss!

Of Rage and Anger

Empty pages beckon
empty words
and I think I’d reckon
writing my devil

He lurks in the shadows
my demon, he smiles
he knows he knows
the turning of the shoe

The clenched fists
and the pounding head
the tied up wrists
the red mist

He knows of the pain
of locking the doors
he knows the restrain
of each glass stained

When finally the world
goes its own way
he gives me these words
to put my rage away

In peace he lurks, the crying ghoul
a wounded beast, every day
gnawing at my soul
Where do I go now?
Where do I go?

Cry me a river

Cry me a river
For these rivers from ages of darkness

Have run dry
So my dear stranger
Cry me a river

They well up these rusty eyes
For they’ve only seen decades of hatred
With only one wish of a wishful heart
To die with a smile
For there will be some one who will
Cry me a river

For the land is too red with blood spilled
The trees have skeletons for fruits
And the sky growls in anger and rage
In this mist of hell’s relentless fury
Cry me a river

For it’s been too long
Living in a loveless land
Under a red suns and a dreamless nights
Give me a reason
To believe in the world beyond
Full of love and liking

Give me a reason
To die with a smile
So my dear stranger…cry me a river


Winds of the heavenly gods,

Come to Thee, My Sire

To Thee, they make known the world

Through Thee, they come to earth

This unyielding heart

Doeth skip a mortal beat

When Thy feet bless the ground

Or Thy breath doeth oblige the air

The world may claim me mad

But Thy mind will save mine

It will raise me from my death

For my death is equally Thine

Mirrors, don’t lie, Oh sire!

And mine doeth tell the truth

Thou, my reflection, my sire

Art my only borne fruit