An Evening of Cynicism

Our college had the pride of having played host to a good (not great) actor today. Farooq Sheikh at his point in time has had a marginal few roles he can really be proud of and yet at this age too he seems to be very exact as to where the mainstream Indian cinema should be. At the most, he just seemed to remind me of the millions (hope I got the demographic right) of old people who just keep complaining as to how the world has changed and “our values” have gone for a toss.

What values was he talking off? Weren’t his movies just as controversial and his comedy just as  slapstick as “some of the movies today”. At his best he just sounded like, I hate to say this – a forgotten artist taking his revenge, trying hard to relive the glory days.

This sort of got me thinking, are we ever going to grow beyond just trying so hard to capture attention. I mean look at the hypocrisy of it all. The man claims the movies these days lack conviction and goes ahead and acts in one of those very movies that overemphasizes the Indo-Pak relations (yes I was one of the 5 people who watched Lahore 🙂 )

Are artists really such huge hypocrites or are they (don’t want to join their club personally) just on a desperate journey of self realization? So desperate that they tend to forget that sometimes their cynicism can just be viewed as a little boy crying of a toy that was taken away from him. He could make us laugh then for his wit, now we just laugh for he is old and hates the world. Is there anything new and original he brought to us? No. He like the million other 50+ actors of the so called golden years just made us realize of three points:
1. We are all shallow and pathetic and vain
2. We hate the truth
3. This world of greed is soon gonna end!
Well, Mr. Sheikh for all your banter, I hate to tell you, I kinda already knew it. Why else would writers write in blogs no one reads and walk around pretending to laugh at the world while secretly dreading someone reads us and tells us we suck!

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