The Death Foretold: Written for some closure :(

It starts as a lingering thought, like something is missing, and then suddenly the void dawns on me: it isn’t here. The source of my pride, the symbol of faith and then at the end of the day when the show ends there is silence, like there were none other. It threatens to live with you for the rest of your life and you really can do nothing about it. 
How were you in that spare moment able to take something so imperative in your life for granted? How could you in that moment stop looking where you were supposed to look? (a process so oft repeated it would almost be similar to breathing) and how in certain moments of vain glory over a game of Angry Birds would you have thought how unimportant this piece of gadget was for your life?!
I write this tribute in the loving memory of a ppiece of machinery that made me feel at peace with myself. So much that a single lost photograph or a favorite song seems like a painful reminiscence. I miss you my answer to my void, I miss you dearly and solemnly and while the world may blame greed or caprice and bad ways of the world to your demise. I know it was me, I didn’t look for that fleeting second and lost you forever, my friend, my guide, my android.
That first look we shared in the store would always remain by me, I know you will one day make a pirated store owner very proud, I also know that deep down, you would have wanted me to move on. So this here my friend is a final goodbye. (And for all those who say I whine, this is a final word, it’s just now, no more, nevermore!)

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