Music: the Rhythm of the Soul

Taka Dhimi Taka taum” as he playfully won us over with his breathless music, I closed my eyes and sat there, wondering whether it was music that drove the whole world. If you hear closely you will hear it, a certain rhythm in each thing you do. I wrote to his rhythm yesterday, every word falling as his hand touched the tabla. Zakir Hussain really lit the stage on fire on the 18th of this month. His thought that music is…well, everywhere, is what has driven me forever to writing and singing. It is so inherent in us that sometimes we tend to drown it out in the noise of the world. But then at the end of every silent night, I hear it, this faint sound one thats etched into my soul. The one that is indeed mine to keep.

It doesn’t have to be a maestro, it could be a group of friends jamming in an open air theater without an audience or it could just be you, singing to yourself in the shower. Music, is everywhere, in your happiness and joy and in the depth of your sorrows.

I remember being sent to a music teacher when I was a mere 3 yr old and the pride of my father at telling people that I had been learning music since I was three! When I wanted to leave the classes, he had said, you may feel like you are wasting your time now, but when you grow older and…well wiser 🙂 you will realize how much you let yourself down.

I don’t really feel let down but I do feel I could’ve followed it better. Learning music is exactly how my teacher put it: it is a “Sadhana” that few in this world can truly follow and latent passions just mean you didn’t recognize the real passion when it was time.

But be it the happy joyful beat of the garbha or the sad soulful melodies of kishore kumar, Indian music has more to offer to the world than all of the world put together. This here is a tribute to the raga that fills every South Indian household and the taal and laya that fills every north Indian one. This here is a thought to the beauty of Indian music the one that makes you proud everytime one of us wins the Grammy.

We have more music in our souls than anyone else, all you have to do is find it!

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