Swept-off-my-feet syndrome

After having walked out of all my so called relationships before they reach any kind of ending (happy or sad), I’m eternally guilty of the waiting-to-be-swept-off-my-feet syndrome. We women live in fantasy worlds (us so called “writers” even more so). We take pride in having found that perfect guy who well, puts a check across our vain, self ingratiating, utterly boring lists of characteristics we would want the love of our life to have.

degrees – check
a job that pays more than mine – check

but Ever thought about why in the world would a person falling into this category want to sweep a cranky, control freak, list making crazy like YOU?! I mean think about it….you made lists, actual LISTS of things you’d want in a person.

Then finally ever so quietly when a guy with a sheepish grin walks by and mans up to ask the oh-fair-and-mighty out…she just shrugs, throws her ravishingly ordinary looking hair back and smiles and says, “oops, you are not tall or oh, please no grad school what are you thinking”!!!!

But then, I wouldn’t really blame it on us…blame it on the million books and movies that tell you “You are the leading lady of your own life (The Holiday šŸ™‚ )” You should know what is right and wrong for you, he is out there, somewhere (Where?! not in my continent??)

Question is…should we fall for the “almost-mr rights” because the “mr right” might just be in another continent with another woman living fate’s poor joke? I wouldn’t know the answer to that…coz well, I have thrown away the “almost-mr rights” out of my life with moreĀ vigor and easeĀ than Britney Spears! (as suggested by a friend)

Should we just get off our high horse and tell ourselves there is no such thing as a mr. right-for-you? Should stop dreaming of being swept-off-our-feet and decide to ground our heels?! Is all of this, those dreams of the beautiful and perfect life…a mere illusion?!

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