My chicken soup experiences :)

Was reading some stories I wrote a long time ago, pages torn in lack of self belief, letters to authors dead and living asking for help. Conversations to characters I loved, and I wondered if imaginary company is much better than a real one. Most people (most people I know) describe friendship as having a witness to your life. But I look at it this way, I see that there are people who are meant to enter your lives for a brief moment, teach you a lesson, change you in your being and then walk on. They might look back, or better still want to walk with you.  This blog is to relate to those few moments I cherished with them.


Karan had topped in his class all through our school life (frustratingly so for me) and, well, most of the times, I had been the second best to him. But there was this one day when he showed me his poem and asked me my thoughts on it and my hatred (read envy) towards him just vanished that very day. I realized he was just as human, he also had his own insecurities. I never really went on to be great friends with him but I think both of us, in our school time, were more driven by trying to please others than ourselves. But the lesson was important: You don’t have to be the best at everything. And everyone has a sour spot, even those who are successful all their lives.

My best friend (Deepthi) once got one mark more than me in a test (A MARK!) and I went all grumpy and sulky on her. She was shocked to see this side of me and I’m rather surprised she stuck by me even after my over competitive self drove her away like a mad person. Luv ya Deepthi. Lesson: in friendship the positives always outweigh the negatives, no matter how trivial they are!
She always had a lot of problems in her life, her life in any case hasn’t been easy and yet every time I call her when I’m overjoyed Aakriti heard me out. She was (and remains to this day) my fall back girl. Every time I feel like crying it’s her I call, because she immediately puts some sense into this over emotional crap of a person that I am! I don’t call her everyday and yet each year that I meet her, we talk like we met yesterday. No lesson here, some friendships are just meant to be. Ever heard of the term soulmates??
In every writer’s life, there comes a time when they want to kill themselves (it’s roughly translated as a writer’s block, I just call it, Monday) so this particular Monday, I fought with my sunshine girl, the only fight we have ever had in the 7 years of our friendship. We didn’t speak for three full days and at the end of it, one day, we just broke down and started talking again. Lesson: When a friend says “I never want to speak to you ever again, it’s just a monday” 🙂
more coming up….. 🙂

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