To all my friends

A life lived full of known mysteries
words telling stories already told
there was once a poet who knew little glory
whose loneliness sometimes left her cold

she then met those with brave hearts
full of life, love and affection
her heart was suddenly filled with joy

“This cold cold heart
deserves no good”, she thought aloud
“Your heart? cold??”
through their pain they mocked about

They rescued her from her chambers of solitude
for her they¬†traveled¬†the world’s end
they were and forever will be
a lost poets’ best friends…

Welcome to solitude

In hopes of things old and new
I see pictures of a life without you
if only it were friendship I’d endure
but you would want something forever more

In a city of chaos, there are so many goodbyes
we ought to just smile and wave without a question why
in a swarm of people, I’d rather be alone
with nerves of steel and a heart of stone

you’d walk away with your bowed head
leaving behind lines unread
in me, there lives a soul long lost
Should I lay it bare? and at what cost?


Banging on the walls in my head
my ghosts haunt me still
they call me names and are insane
perched in my room like pigeons on a window sill

I embrace the noises, the insults, the pain
in my love of lack of life
they still call me viciously insane
and want to eat me up inside

At first you hate all kinds of light
everything is then a tunnel
you move on from sight to sight
waiting for the stench of trouble

At length all food is shunned
lost in a swarm of sloth
you realize this is only day one
in eternal hell one eternally rots

The Drowning

The stones they sink
my soul set free
I wish I could unthink
everything that defined me

A life lived for fame
a death died alone
a limitless game
that strives on the fear of unknown

At six feet, I think of the grave
that would hold my pained heart
At ten, it’s no longer cold
almost like you and I could finally be apart

This isn’t a cry for help
or even a goodbye today
this here is an easy departure
for it was in this endless depth I always lay