In Search of Death

Searching for a place to die
In my nine lives as a cat
I searched for a place
Where no sleeping dogs lie
 I searched for a place so I could die

In my sorrow as a dog
(For I always feared a dog’s death)
I searched heaven and earth for mercy
 And got none instead

When I was that beautiful leaf
My beauty lasted but for a day
For then I wilted and died
And the breeze blew me away

As a man in places so far and away
 I went to the northern skies
And countries that have no dawning day
I went to mountains high and mighty
And to rivers and oceans deep
Just to find some place
Where I could find that eternal sleep

Death never came
Stubborn as she is
She remained unseen
And immensely missed

I came back home
And then she came
Perched on a stone
He picked it up and let it fly
He was my own son

I laughed with a sardonic smile
As to why when I couldn’t die
Where men can’t live
Why such a sad death given was I?

The Lost Friend

A wordless acquaintance
A loss of a friend
he passed by swiftly
and said nothing in the end

My anger washed over
a cold knife through the heart
I vowed to neglect his existence
until he breathed his last

At length he found another friend
at a new world’s gate
a friend who promised peace
a friend who knew no hate

Thought his silence is revenge
Thought him angry till his last breath
I knew not the silence of pain
for his new friend was death….

The Butterfly Effect

I start my day at dawn
fly in the joyous sun
I live in colors
looking for the blossomed ones

She smiles everyday
as I meet her in the park
we speak of lonely times
spent in the dark

Many have come before
none like me, she says
I am a bit more gentle
in my nectared ways

Such is life and love
nothing lives and lasts
in the end we’d be in boxes
unliving the forgotten pasts


My world is lost
with nowhere for it to find
I live dreamless
in a thoughtless mind

At length it comes,
this light across the dark room
it promises a cynical joy
a choice of flying over the moon

My mind says yes
the heart says no
I live in the paradox
of dreams that were overthrown

Is it just me
or do you feel it too,
This incessant need

for feeling blue??

A Story Untold

You’ve been here before
the child remembers
your best friend, comrade
whom you left to die

You’ve been here before
the woods revenge the innocent
and the air breathes stale
the nights tell a tale

You’ve been here before
as your own morbid self
as the child who killed his best friend
as the son who hid behind the shelves

You’ve been here before
I remember, I was 10, you 15
We walked the woods on bare feet
and you left me there beaten,bruised

You’ve been here before
are you able to breath in spite of the fear?
you shouldn’t worry for I’m here
and you won’t go anywhere…ever again.