Dewarists: What a find!

A surreal melody, some beautiful and meaningful words, and we have a beautiful song that transcends two warring countries without even mentioning the deeper issues they have. Music, as always, knows how to connect. The beautiful series started in Star World called “The Dewarists” has managed to prove something so many leaders couldn’t articulate, music can mean more than just a message for peace, it can be a mere welcome to a friend, it can help one achieve a deeper meaning in one’s existence.

Just two episodes into the “journey” and the show has managed to combine, the best from the west (Grammy award winning Imogen Heap) and the fresh from the east (Vishal-Shekhar) to bring about a story of personal victory, it has brought together 4 artists from across the borders to come up with a melody of friendship.
“Mind without Fear”, inspired by the famous Tagore poem, takes one through a journey of personal freedom. What started off as a thought for a young nation by Vishal, now, thanks to Imogen’s genius has become a journey towards destiny for the individual. The song is more about its music supported by the words.

“Kya Khayal Hai” appealed to me more simply because it hit a chord at the poet in me, Swanand Kirkire, is an honest and humble poet whose humility shows itself beautifully in the words. They don’t talk about leaving the war behind; in fact they don’t talk of any issue and yet in its subtle soothing tone, the song talks about meeting an old friend and letting go of the past. Zeb and Haniya symbolize the new age Pakistani music, something we’d like to hear more of (hope they come over more often!), they are a blend of their Sufi roots and the fresh sounds of the western influence they have grown up with. Shantanu Moitra is at his best when there are “no character to be written for, no approval to be sought”.

Lyricist Swanand Kirkire (of the bawra mann fame) manages to bring about the story of friendship that has survived between the two countries and, rarely, has listening to an Ind-Pak collaboration brought such a smile to one’s face, cant wait for more Diwarist tracks, do follow it!

“Chalo baant le hum zindagi zara aaj yoon kar le, Kaho kya khayal hai?”  Hope Diwarists churns out more musical genius like this one

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