Head vs Heart

My bloodhounds await
The shimmering night
They growl and grovel
At the lack of fright
They are in my head
Constant reminders
Of a crumbled up mesh
But this heart’s grown kinder
In a life lived in despair
There is never a happy hope
My head sneers at the thought
But my heart refuses to cope
At length when the lights come around
In the dark and lonely road
A flicker of a smile is found
In an effort to let pain go
Before this night is over
Before the moment passes me by
This time I shall fight my hounds
This time I shall write of joy!

3 thoughts on “Head vs Heart

  1. A heart that has suffered and lived in despair has found the strength.

    One will always find the smile that will help the pain to let go. “You just gotta ignite, the light, and let it shine” Its inside us.

    There is always hope, never let it go.

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