I look  beyond the silence
behind the cold glass
beyond the shores of light
feigning a dream so far

I am lost in the wild
this lit up concrete night
everything seems like dust
a misdemeanor of a hopeless mind

In a little while
my boxed life breaks
the walls stunned down
in a heartless gaze

The questions of existence
fog this empty heart
under the ugly mist
my road ahead seems dark

At length I realize
the attempt at a sane life
is a futile thought
of a fading light

I look at my reflection
my shadow’s unreal
this is not my mind
this is not me

Two sides

What if this is all there is?
What if the ways ahead are darker than the ways now?
What if it hurts more than it heals?
What if it life is worse than death?
What if the climb is not worth the mountain top?
What if the ocean is worse than the river’s icy start?
What if we drink up a glass half empty?
What if there is always more?
What if sun shines brighter ahead?
What if the heal is worth the hurt?
What if death is worth the life?
What if the mountain top were the top of the world?
What if the ocean were full of endless beauty?
What if the glass were forever half full, 
only we always saw it half empty?
What if I’d smile
hoping for tears someday?
What if I’d cry now
and hope for a sunny place somewhere?
What if a heart that breaks
wishes never to fail again?
What if love that went away
decides never to walk your way?
What if…..

My Morning Star

 I wished for you
in a morning star
beneath the ocean floor
like a distant dream
You looked back a while
and lost me in a haze
and we moved on
leaving behind teary eyed screams
We walked the maze
leaving footprints on the sand
You remained my morning star
my wish my distant dream
when the waves of sorrow
engulfed my wounded soul
I drowned in the ocean floor
yet you heard my muffled screams
Now out in the early sun
you hold my hand
and walk me out on the beach
my faded faith’s new found gleam
The storm’s run out
seas of faith on our side
we now look back
and our fear is now the distant dream

The Chair

I have seen kings fall
knights gone cold
I have seen evil
in both the young and old
Days when blood and sweat
and the stench of death
were too much to bear
for those who saw their last breath
I have seen the ones
with murderous rage
begging for mercy
at the pearly gates
I have seen those
who made peace
tried their own sins
and took death with ease
But what they know not
is what lies in wait
they think they rest in peace
with souls unafraid
I see things they don’t
I see him standing there
All those who come to me
are damned to the reaper’s lair
P.S: Photograph by jithinrk 🙂

Cracks in the Mirror

It stares right back
this empty face
like a train dead on its tracks
or a barren horse race
The punishment is written
the scroll is ready
under the sins undone
my head feels heavy
The shackles don’t hurt no more
like I always belong here
but there are shadows at the edge of the doors
inside my mirror away from here
Death isn’t far away
a day, a month, it’s all the same
someone always has to pay
for an evil end to a deadly game
It’s the last word
the mirror has seen the end
the face, it speaks in a voice unheard
it says, “I am innocent.”