Two sides

What if this is all there is?
What if the ways ahead are darker than the ways now?
What if it hurts more than it heals?
What if it life is worse than death?
What if the climb is not worth the mountain top?
What if the ocean is worse than the river’s icy start?
What if we drink up a glass half empty?
What if there is always more?
What if sun shines brighter ahead?
What if the heal is worth the hurt?
What if death is worth the life?
What if the mountain top were the top of the world?
What if the ocean were full of endless beauty?
What if the glass were forever half full, 
only we always saw it half empty?
What if I’d smile
hoping for tears someday?
What if I’d cry now
and hope for a sunny place somewhere?
What if a heart that breaks
wishes never to fail again?
What if love that went away
decides never to walk your way?
What if…..

2 thoughts on “Two sides

  1. I loved the pic, i loved the poem a lot more than that. Perfectly showing the dual state of thoughts. And answering yet being unanswered what if .. if only we knew the answer but then the thrill would have subsidized too, and also the pain !

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