You are Nothing!

When the songs they seem
To be singing about you
When the stories
Seem like a reflection
When you know your life
Is scripted by another
When each word on the shelf
Seems to be a joke
When the mirror
Seems to lie
When the four walls
Lock you away
You know then
What you know now
You are a smaller insignificance
Of a bigger whole
The stories they last
Longer than you
The songs they are sang
Faraway in untread lands
You are but a word!
You are…nothing!

House MD: Music, artistry and more..

House MD has bid goodbye, in the most abrupt of seasons. I had stopped following the 8th Season because it suddenly made very little sense, the development of my favorite character had now become a drag (perhaps happens with most sitcoms). But the one good takeaway I believe every House MD fan would have from the series was the genius of Hugh Laurie. His comic timing, his uncanny persona and his ability to hold on to a show with his single character for 7 seasons was sheer brilliance.

His self deprecating nature helped too, something most people mistake for humility. But for me, it was his music sense that spoke to me. Every season brought with it a soundtrack better than Glee! And Glee is a musical! To a large part, this can be attributed to Laurie himself. His recent album shows us a rare side of his talent. He is beyond just comedy and acting and change of accents. He can sing, play piano and make merry under the New Orleans sun!
Each season soundtrack had songs unheard of from artists and interestingly, for me, they had in some strange coincidence found their way into my playlist before I saw the House MD soundtrack. Dr. House and I share the same music? What an inspiring thought! Most sounds are deeply acoustic and appeal to me mostly because of the poetry hidden in all of them. David Gray’s Babylon, Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah being a few of the geniuses hidden in the soundtracks. Amos Lee’s Colors is another inspiration. Brett Dennen, Bird York: artists I am sure the readers of this blog would have heard nothing of until the mention in this post, were introduced to me by some fortunate accident and have since made it to the show! House is over but the music it left behind will stay with me and so will Hugh Laurie with his incorrigible need to do what’s right!

Not just yet…

I look around
on a starry night
at the packed bags
the traveller’s plight

Where I come from
where is it I’m off
this heart is bleeding
at the parting thoughts

At the far edge of this night
I find the light’s not too far
For every night has a day
and this is just a start

For those I leave behind
will walk with me again
so there are really no tears
no real pain

For I leave no hate
on these concrete roads
and love is never left behind
never thrown out of the door

For a place this special
needs a celebration
not a morbid end
to two years of redemption!

For there are still journeys ahead
words unsaid smiles unmet
I will not mourn this day
for it ain’t goodbye just yet

To what remains…

This is a start
Always was one
You and I we all are going to be smiling
When all of this is done
We walked past those doors
To give our life some clue
And months down the road
We all became brand new
We mocked our best friends
Sworn off the enemies
We danced on the tunes
Of unexpected reveries
Two years of love
Two years of friendship
We have learnt more than just life
Yes, we have been on quite a trip J

It’s the beginning of the end
I shall shed no tear this time
For this is not the end
This is the start of the rest of our lives!