Three Word Game

Sorrow. Joy. Life
Life. Simple. Happy
Happy. Her. Him
Him. Abuse. Her.
Her. Battered. Used.
Used. Sorrow. Life.

Sorrow. Joy. Life.
Life.Story. End.
End.Blood. Pain.
Pain. Love. Heart.
Heart. Anger. Hell.
Hell. Sorrow. Life.

Sorrow. Joy. Life.
Pain. Pain. Pain
Sorrow. Sorrow. Sorrow
Pain. Pain. Pain
Sorrow. Pain. Death…

P.S: Stop. Pain. Sorrow.
       Stop. Hurt. Life.
       Stop. Domestic. Violence!

3 thoughts on “Three Word Game

  1. hmm.. wonder what made you write this.. an article you read or an experience you witnessed or perhaps a friend in need on the other end of the phone line. Abuse and pain can be found in plenty, domestic violence will end only when people stop thinking silly. Respect and honor can only be earned but not once will the needle of life stop pricking. You should send it to some NGO.. it makes a really good cover.

  2. nothing made me write it…Was feeling blue in general and thought of the three word poem concept…it just grew into this theme afterwards…but yeah will take your suggestion on the NGO thing

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