Dewarists Season 2: The story of the World and its subjects

Its rare that a song fits almost as if it was coincidental with the life and death of a totally unrelated figure. Of course, the second episode of dewarists wasn’t about the death of a populist leader (whom I am scared to mention for the fear of my own life), but listening to the song Tom, Dick and Harry, it was suddenly so apt.

What’s different about this collaboration is that it isn’t about the music. It’s about the poetry behind it. That’s why rappers (if they bother to write intelligently) end up sending a much deeper message and other song writers.
Piyush Mishra and Akala are not very different in their content but are miles apart when it comes to expression. Piyush being the sarcastic, caustic genre of Contemporary Hindi poets (aka Gulaal style) and Akala being the refined, smarter version of ghetto hip hop.
The song is basic, it reeks of Piyush’s ideology of a nation gone to the dogs with its people lost in translation. After an evening of buying water from the back of a shuttered shop, and a weekend spent in house arrest because a city was mourning the death of an influential albeit slightly extremist leader, I wonder. What is that I am turning this nation into? I vote for the most convenient choice. I have stopped caring what the rulers of our so called democracy do or don’t do. I do what I have learnt to do over my lifetime. Turn the other cheek.

Very recently, in a not so important TV series, I had heard. Jesus turned the other cheek because at the time, turning the other cheek was an insult to the tyrants. The point of it all was to stand up and raise a voice, not to take things lying down. Of course, translations are what contaminate our beliefs over a period of time.

“Resist Me and You die!” says Akala in this lyrical piece. Is that really what our nation has come down to?
or are we the ones smiling away at our clueless “Raja and Rani” and being hung by the noose for paying taxes “ragyulaarly”

This one here is a wake up call. Only it doesn’t really furnish the thought of rising up, to me its an anthem about the “Andher nageri” this nation has become. It’s a sad state of affairs this. When one only thinks of one’s religion when stopped by an angry mob, when one quietly puts one’s head down and walks away even after seeing a child being beaten by bullies on the road.
When any “Tom, Dick and Harry” can be PM and any unsecular leader can be given full state honors for his burial in a so called “secular country” where else will be headed but towards the end.

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