An ode to winters in Delhi

It comes in flirtatiously
In a chilly October breeze
It blinds, in love’s mist,
My city of djinns and fairies

It tests the warmth
Of the many hearts
Who dwell in a place
So close yet far apart

It knocks on my doors in November
As I light up my sorrows and joy
Blows out my glory candles
In an innocent ploy

At length it finally comes home
With the loving warmth of the winter sun
And celebrates a new year
In a cold mist of the blissful one

Come the month of january
It claws through humanity
It barely lets the sun in
And shuns its meek vanity

I’ve missed you, my winter flowers
The dry rustling of your slow death
The warm quilts in the wintery nights
And the haze of my early morning breath…

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