She turns away
In the grey sun
Looking for the words
To her daily song

He had come here once
Harping on her voice
Perched on a branch
Was this life’s promise

Today its all grey
The tree is a brazen blue
Even in its bloom
It reeks of visions eventually deluded

She waits the wait
For that familiar sight and sound
Of the tiny hop across the branch
Of the beauty she had once found

She looks up with the little hope
It’s always the love that never last
That turns a breath into a sigh
And turns this bluebird black…..

The walking away


You will walk away now
One day they all do
Leaving a heart lifeless
Of the life to be spent with you

You leave behind
A fix unfixed
A love unloved
A bunch of unused tricks

We both know who it was
Who dreamt too far too fast
Who lost track of time
And ended up realising the last

Backwards in time
It looks beautiful
This undreamt dream
This purified soul

Now I look in the mirror
And see the untruth
Of the smile that smiles
At broken memories of you

What do I do
Do I lose hope
That once grew
On this lonely heart’s drop

Instead I continue to smile
As the broken memories come here
And in my mind’s maniacal eyes
See you walking right over…..


My elusive piece of You


The You is my empty jar of life
A word unwritten  and a story unfinished
Standing at the brink of chaos
An Athenine beauty unblemished

The You is the being here
That ceases at the I
Comes in the dreams
And forbids me to fly

The You is what gazes past
The mystic mirror that is the night
Back into these hollowed eyes
Breathing in the last of the light

my You tonight is filled with warmth
As it plunges the knife deeper
It’s  fingers they seek my veins
And it’s eyes seek the Reaper…..

Death hangs in shame


Death hangs it’s head in shame here today
For it helped a cause
It brought about the dawn
To the innocent lives lost

The little one wonders aloud
Did it mean something
When they saw me battered
Did it cloud their morning?

Those who say it was my fault
Who say I had it coming
Am I real to them?
Was I ever breathing?

Frozen like a cold river
I lie in the dark
The devil walks past
And burns a hole in my heart

As they cry and weep
Covering my clothes ripped and torn
I wish I could tell them all that in these lands

I was dead before I was born…




There was a songbird here
Lost in a yesterday
Awaiting a spring morrow
To wish me good luck on the way

It’s gone now
A drowned voice
An empty page searching
Desperately for a noise

She flew in yesterday
Or was it the day before
Full of hope and faith
Of lies in store

She doesn’t sing anymore
My songbird, she dreams
And sighs in the sweltering mornings
Near these empty dried up streams

I had once promised
Her the voice she wished
I had promised a cold winter breeze
And trees swaying sun kissed

She raps on my window now
Perched on a stone brazen
And slowly at the turn of the night light
She turns into a raven…..