I am an Emma found
In the winds
One in a million
Each with a separate story

I am a word
Found too often
In this crowded world
I am adjust

I wish I were a Juli
With an only I
Making me one from many
Separating the wall from the darkness

We all rise awake
The everyday Emmas
Trying desperately to break
The commonest thread

Today we close our eyes
Breath to breath
Stuck together in life
Wishing for new us

It doesn’t come
The miracle we sought
I suppose we wouldn’t know
Every Emma has a soul
That for Him is new….

The Darkness of the Djinn


In days that are alone
And  nights so numb
I cast my story on
This concrete tomb

This darkness is a gift
So is the endless time
This city of the undead
Allows many conflicts and crimes

That man there
He laughs with a friend unknown
Each smiling at respective destinies
Some wryly,  at the undue burdens borne

It writes off the summer
Mocks the rain
Beckons a season
Brandishing its pain

That alley where she died
Is framed in history
But no one sees the ground
That shook at the felling of the tree

The city ate those bits
Like our very own concrete monster
Until silence broke through
Through the dark clouds like a tiny sliver

That garden where he is buried
People talk in the evenings
Deep stories of loves lost
Stunted beginnings

Chaos has left the city
It’s now a machine
Breathing in and out
And in again

My tarred sky looks back
At my stilling sighs
This city is a mirror
A mirror full of lies….