10 Reveals!

I recently came across a challenge to reveal 10 honest things about me… So here goes:

1) Sometimes I wish for clinical insanity (crazy people get away with a lot of things!)

2) Mostly I prefer telling caving to confrontation

3) Just because I write dark poetry doesn’t mean I feel like killing myself everyday, I am just curious about what hides behind sunflowers and rainbows

4) Although I appear very sure of myself in front of my friends, the one person I am most unsure of in this whole world is me…

5) When I’m going through writer’s block, I wish for something terrible to happen just so that I have something to write about!

6) I protect my writing too much and haven’t applied to publishing houses / poetry contests for the fear of rejection (I’m working on garnering the courage)

7) There is always a song in my head

8) I judge every book by its first line (first line of Love in Time of Cholera – “The smell of bitter almonds always reminded him of unrequited love”)

9) I judge a song by the lyrics

10) I believe way too much in karma and connect every single good / bad coincidence to something I may have done…

If you are reading this you have been challenged…go for it!

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