I am not an enigma

Not one you have to figure out

I don’t dwell in bags

Or put my secrets in boxes locked out

My thoughts are simple

Although sometimes they rhyme

I don’t make plans

Not ones that have the biding of a time

I am endless

Because for you I never really began

And I know I might not be on your list

Or part of your best laid plans

I am the river and the mountain

I am the cosmos and the karma

My smile is a solved mystery

And my moan a known murmur

I won’t start, won’t stop

I am forever and I am right now

I am not an open book

And I don’t wish to be your court clown

I am a song that will play on

In your mind and mine

For one day I might breathe my last

But only to step into the abyss of time….

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