Greatness is Contagious


As you walk on

Into the 22 yards

Listening to the rhythm

Of the 40 thousand beating hearts

As you jump in your stride

When you take your mark

As you look into the crowd

Searching for your heart

Remember this day

For the nation would remember too

They will celebrate your victories

And at your loss they’ll cry with you

You are the battle weary soldier

Looking for pride in that crowd

You should know our hearts maybe weary

But our heads will be unbowed

Today we stand for the love

Of an Englishman’s game

And as a storm slowly brews in the south end

You know you will play as foes but remain best of friends

It matters not what you do today

For the nation you will remain great

And if you don’t end up glorious

You should know that Greatness is Contagious…

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