Dark Love

I once walked past

A lost spirit in the wild

He said, “I don’t feel,

Like you do in my mind.”

Flummoxed I looked back

The wilderness I walked through

Trying to find meaning

In the path I had let go

He then smiled and said,

“You don’t love like me,

You love to hurt,

I love to be.”

Taciturn I turned away

My soul selects her own society,

I thought, telling myself

I didn’t need this soul’s piety

I looked around the woods

Searching for my darkness

He shone like the light of sun

Snatching away my blessed abyss

At the edge of the day

I walked right through him

Hoping to kill his shining

Waiting for the lights to go dim

I stand corrected

Love is to be

My being lies in pain

My being is the love that hurts me…

darkness 1

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