Love Letter to the Wind

Wind by Floria

You touch my face

Graze my lips

Like a kiss of slight grace

You brush past this rusted skin

Born out of turbulence

You die easy

You’re never an assurance

And like a thought, you are fleeting

I hid from you

On cold winter nights

Hoping for a warm hue

You headed home, your soul contrite

And now at the profuse

Rise of my sun’s painful prowess

You remain elusive

To my mind’s duress

I miss that vague whiff

That breath that snakes up

The dried up leaf

With a fresh leash of life

I miss your kisses

Your fingers through my hair

Those angry hisses

In the inside of my ears

I promise to welcome you

Even in deathly cold, I’ll breathe you in

Like an ex lover’s perfume

I’ll keep you safe inside closed eyelids…

Halfway House

girl child

Mama, spare me a thought

When you let go of that hand

Your lonely life may hurt a lot

But don’t blame me for the bones that thaw

I know I wasn’t always wanted

Inside these dirty walls

I wasn’t a dream that was granted

I know you wished for my fall

But spare a thought for the unwanted spirit

The one that haunts these tiny hands

It maybe cursed but it’s still a gift

For it comes from your fertile lands

The idea of me maybe daunting

But if I smile like an angel will you let me be?

If I promise to be a quiet darling

Will you then hold on to me?

Mama, I can tell we aren’t home yet

This fear you feel is a ruse

The real home will be full of love I bet

This is just a halfway house


She walks down the aisle

Surrounded by saints and angels alike

She smiles her knowing smile

And we cry overwhelmed when the vows are read

Under the faithful gaze of the moon

And the loving laughter of the stars

She takes his hand and swoons

To the beat of the hundred hearts

The roof is lit up with a thousand lights

Friends laughing at old stories

Never have I seen a night so bright

Burning up our beautiful glories

Tonight I raise my glass to them

Tonight I drink it down for hope

Tonight I dance to a new rhythm

Tonight I fall in love with the stars above

When the morning comes this way

We will remember tonight like a beautiful story

We saw a dream come true today

High upon on a mountain of revelry.


Books: Part 1


They stare at me

All hundreds of them

Awaiting my touch

Begging for a look in

Some have been around

For many years

Others walked in yesterday

Pouring into their fears

There were times when I slept

With a smile about the last word I read

There were times when there were tears

Flooding my dreamy bedspread

Now in the dark they weep

Some have lost all hope

They have locked the gates forever

And closed the windows to their souls


The big bright screens

The neon lights burning

Have led me away from

The beauty of a page’s turning

Like the obscurity of a tale

Lost in the “shadow of the wind”

I need to protect their souls

From the written word’s end

My yellow one whose soul I keep

Sits like an arrogant lover

For he has been living in my heart

From since before forever

I will keep the memory alive

Of the “smell of bitter almonds”

I will keep these hundred souls safe

From the Boolean trends