Books: Part 1


They stare at me

All hundreds of them

Awaiting my touch

Begging for a look in

Some have been around

For many years

Others walked in yesterday

Pouring into their fears

There were times when I slept

With a smile about the last word I read

There were times when there were tears

Flooding my dreamy bedspread

Now in the dark they weep

Some have lost all hope

They have locked the gates forever

And closed the windows to their souls


The big bright screens

The neon lights burning

Have led me away from

The beauty of a page’s turning

Like the obscurity of a tale

Lost in the “shadow of the wind”

I need to protect their souls

From the written word’s end

My yellow one whose soul I keep

Sits like an arrogant lover

For he has been living in my heart

From since before forever

I will keep the memory alive

Of the “smell of bitter almonds”

I will keep these hundred souls safe

From the Boolean trends


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