Love Letter to the Wind

Wind by Floria

You touch my face

Graze my lips

Like a kiss of slight grace

You brush past this rusted skin

Born out of turbulence

You die easy

You’re never an assurance

And like a thought, you are fleeting

I hid from you

On cold winter nights

Hoping for a warm hue

You headed home, your soul contrite

And now at the profuse

Rise of my sun’s painful prowess

You remain elusive

To my mind’s duress

I miss that vague whiff

That breath that snakes up

The dried up leaf

With a fresh leash of life

I miss your kisses

Your fingers through my hair

Those angry hisses

In the inside of my ears

I promise to welcome you

Even in deathly cold, I’ll breathe you in

Like an ex lover’s perfume

I’ll keep you safe inside closed eyelids…

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