Zodiac Confessions (A-Z)


At the stale edge of this day

Boredom kicks in in like a bully

Cracking me up inside

Doling out screams in the mind’s inane alleys

Ever looked at a raw nerve about to snap?

Fear seeping slowly into their heads?

Giving in to my mind’s

Hollow thirst for blood

Insanity is relative

Joy almost always absolute

Knowledge of both can easily take

Lives in their stunning youth

My brilliance rises with each shot

Numbness closing in easily in

Open chambers of their hearts

Promising the rise of the sun in

Quaint silence.

Retched souls strewn along the river

Serial numbers make me a serial killer

They trudge along calling me the insane,

Undead mind stalking and hunting

Vile filth on the roads of Maine.

Wish he would look beyond

X raying my mocking notes, read it again and again

Yelling out my name in the night

Zodiac – the hero of the insane

Confessions (Z-A)

dark_wings__dark_words_by_oscargrafias-d6lab52 (1)

Zealous love leaves

Your dead soul in shreds

Xenophobic worlds unite

When you open the door to save her from herself.

Vows, they are almost never true

Unbroken they weigh you down, when broken they kill you

Truth is, my friend, life is an absolution

Sorrow, its favorite redemption

Rare is a love that lasts forever

Queer is the love that you have for her

Promised her the best you can give

Offered her a beautiful world unlived

Nothing remains now, on this side of the wall

Many a heart have been broken this fall

Life’s lost its meaning this side of paradise

Knives remain, to cut through the lies

Jealousy, often sadistic and strange

Is the perfect weapon for revenge

Hope has a whole new meaning in the red

Gory details narrated on the bed

Fairy tales often end this way

Emphatic love crumbling at the end of a long day

Decaying promises fill up the foul in the room

Creaking bed spells out the screams of doom

Beautiful, she looks in this sea of red,

Annabel, my beloved, is dead.

To all the twisted readers….

Will you see this?

Will you smile or roll your eyes?

Will hit like just so I read you too?

For we are all pretty nothings right?

Some of you are ex lovers

Who once followed to impress

Few others are unlikely stalkers

Who went on to hate recklessly

There are some anonymous friends

Writing wicked words in the dark (you know who you are!)

United by relentless rhyme

Brought together by minds torn apart


I don’t care about you!

I don’t stare at an abyss in the night

Wondering who reads this ramble!

No I don’t cry when my phone doesn’t blink a light

I hate it that I write for you

You, the twisted few,

Why do I sleep dreaming of that elusive 100th!

All of you! Fuck you!

Sigh… I love you!

Single. Spaced. Blank.

Thoughts are gone

In a mist

Like cold anger

Lost in a fist

Words mean nothing

They are sickness

Like empty air

Inside my breast

Existence is stuck

A bleak blip

Like meaningless moans

Inside sealed lips

Life stands still

Time’s broken and

My mind’s page is a

single spaced blank.