To all the twisted readers….

Will you see this?

Will you smile or roll your eyes?

Will hit like just so I read you too?

For we are all pretty nothings right?

Some of you are ex lovers

Who once followed to impress

Few others are unlikely stalkers

Who went on to hate recklessly

There are some anonymous friends

Writing wicked words in the dark (you know who you are!)

United by relentless rhyme

Brought together by minds torn apart


I don’t care about you!

I don’t stare at an abyss in the night

Wondering who reads this ramble!

No I don’t cry when my phone doesn’t blink a light

I hate it that I write for you

You, the twisted few,

Why do I sleep dreaming of that elusive 100th!

All of you! Fuck you!

Sigh… I love you!

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