Confessions (Z-A)

dark_wings__dark_words_by_oscargrafias-d6lab52 (1)

Zealous love leaves

Your dead soul in shreds

Xenophobic worlds unite

When you open the door to save her from herself.

Vows, they are almost never true

Unbroken they weigh you down, when broken they kill you

Truth is, my friend, life is an absolution

Sorrow, its favorite redemption

Rare is a love that lasts forever

Queer is the love that you have for her

Promised her the best you can give

Offered her a beautiful world unlived

Nothing remains now, on this side of the wall

Many a heart have been broken this fall

Life’s lost its meaning this side of paradise

Knives remain, to cut through the lies

Jealousy, often sadistic and strange

Is the perfect weapon for revenge

Hope has a whole new meaning in the red

Gory details narrated on the bed

Fairy tales often end this way

Emphatic love crumbling at the end of a long day

Decaying promises fill up the foul in the room

Creaking bed spells out the screams of doom

Beautiful, she looks in this sea of red,

Annabel, my beloved, is dead.

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