In the peace and quiet

Of a thoughtful song

I dream of days

That would fail to be too long

In that one dream, time

Doesn’t exist.

We all remain tied up

To perpetual bliss

Here we walk ahead in future

Embrace with love the past

Darkness here, isn’t scary

Love lies in silences that last

Here gods dwell in smiles

And nature is always kind

In this dream my heart doesn’t break

And even my mind is mild

Old age is a wisdom

And youth an exuberance

Death is like a joyful journey

And there is rarely a sad remembrance

Rainbows follow you around

And fields of green they embrace you

In this dreamland when at night you sleep

The stars they slowly kiss you

Closer to the dawn that breaks

Far away someone calls out my name

And in a broken minute the dream ends

And I am back to this life’s relentless game.

Broken. Words.


Wait. Breathe. Dream.
Smile. Try. Scream
Cry. Blink. Hide.
Heart. Faith. Aside.

Time. Wounds. Scars
Sweeps. Tide. Far
Mind. Confuses. Thoughts
Sad. Memories. Rot

Run. Run. Run.
Flowers. Soft. Burn
Use. Abuse. Reuse.
Alone. Crowd. Recluse.

Words. Away. Empty.
Leaves. Dying. Tree.
Work. Worship. Passion
Drug. Loveless. Attraction

Untold. Unsung. Songs
Strings. Rusted. Belong
Stories. Endless. Breath
Timed. Perfection. Death