Tiny Notes

In my weird daily cosmos

There exist tiny pieces of yellow

One that thanks me for memories

Others that say I love you


Before you leave this room

Past the sea of unread notes

I wonder if they breathe at night

Sigh and smile like lovely ghosts


I read one and gaze ahead

The second I tape to my wall

Another lies etched in my dream

That’s the one that rules them all


It reads of promises

Of undying faith.

Whispers in the breeze

and takes my breath away…




I am the light

In the depth of the dark

I don’t pray for a nightmare

In the middle of a dream

But sometimes we need the darkness

For lights to stream


I am sometimes the beauty

Behind the sickly lies

Another push and I will be done

Another drink in me

And you will be the one

For sometimes we need

A million endings to begin

I am your tears

At the end of a tough day

I am also your smile

Blushing crimson in love

I thrive in the depths of your mind

Inside the folds of endless treasure troves

I cautiously breathe in

In the tiny air

It feels small

To be dreaming of life

Inside a tin box

I dream of eternity

Inside your clocks


This moment

I live I die

I breathe

I fly

I keep

Secrets in my dreams; in this moment

I let you in….



divinity 1

You lie in the flutter of the leaves

In the smoky voice of the evening breeze

My soul lies here in the wilderness

In a world where beauty is blessed

In the vicinity of the divine

Try and steal a prayer from my lips

Sometimes at the end of a hard day

You even bless my forehead with a kiss

I curse Your voice inside me

Becoming my unknown conscience

I hate You when I am in pain

With a resounding break in countenance

You exist and then You don’t

You come with a question

Almost never with an answer

You are my heart’s blissful creation

I don’t remember You in my darkness

This heart has no requests

You merely dwell in the smile

That comes at the end of each conquest




I will lurk in the shadows

Under the brazen sky

And in the depths of the night

I’ll raise you up high

I won’t attempt to rhyme my love

With fluffy dispassionate lies

And when my darkness descends upon me

I will let you be my light

I will not try to hold back

When I can let go

I will not overthink each word said

When I can smile and say thank you

When the roads are bleak

I will come around the bend

I will let you into my book of love

Held together with our souls as bookends

At the edge of our mortal time

I will hold your hand in mine

I will be fearless when facing gloom

And let you make me smile

I will laugh away anxiety

Dance without a rhythm

I promise to love myself first

Before I let you fall in

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