I will die in vain

Insignificance is always a virtue

I will suffer pain

Just because it is easy to do

His eye on the sparrow

Doesn’t always mean

Mending of the unearthly

Broken arrows

He watches me

These are tests perhaps?

Or so say voices

That break through these mishaps

What of blood that’s easy

Does He seek to ebb the flow?

Did we deserve His desertion

By walking in these sinful shoes?

Does He exist?

My bed refuses

Wants me to live in reality

But my heart slowly refuses

Suddenly its daybreak

And the wings folded through the night

Are now wider than

The broken sunlight!

He sees me

When my love has given up

He shines through

When love’s darkness is all around us!

To believe or not to believe

Was never my question

All I asked was what my soul was capable of

And suddenly He was my expression!

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