Hopeless Shapeless


I sit across the room

Waiting for a hand to hold

The walls creep in

Seeping through my skin          Cancerous

Inside the rights of my many wrongs

Lie the pieces of a heart torn

To pieces left to cope

And I am waiting for a hand to hold

He sits on the bed

Ready to swallow me whole

The sheets hiding empty

Bodies lying on their backs            Hopeless 

In the beauty of my creepy mind

I celebrate the darkness

Of the midnight road

While I wait for a hand to hold

At fag end of the day

As I dream of the white haze

My fingers reaching out in the dark

Trying to catch the stale air          Shapeless

Your arms desperate for company

In the room brimming with the unsaid

I smile at the cold white light

And unravel the cord

I was only waiting for a hand to hold