Why leave the fairy lights?

Blinded by their wistful sighs

When you could close their eyes to let their light breathe in


Why leave behind this happy cloud?

Become another face in the crowd

The beauty your eyes seek can only be found within


Darkness is a bad influence

It feeds on sad remembrance

Perhaps it’s best to surrender to it with a smile


Silence is contagious

Its peace deemed too precious

Only the heart knows the beauty of an unsung song


Love that’s an epiphany

Is often mistaken for destiny

Your fate is a reflection of your heart


Soul is a lonely friend

Surviving in ignored bookends

Perhaps it’s time to open your heart and let it in for a while


Conscience is a worthy adversary

Almost always defeated by false bravery

Make it your friend for a dreamless night


Those fairy lights they beckon

Rumi has spoken

“It is your light that lights the world”


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