The Road to Wrath

road.jpg It is here I walk tonight

Despair on one side

Pain on the other

Moving on towards…


What, exactly?


I am walking in unknown

Loops; the road painted

The same shade of red

Each turn weaponized


With swords of rage


I pick one up for guidance

All I see is blood!

My former lover

Dying on the side


Cuddling his Pain


My mouth smiles gazes ahead

I walk on uphill

Hope casts a shadow

On the crimson way


My Wrath awaits


P.S: Even Moses 

Chased the Mountain

For his God.

A love letter

Everytime you open those doors

You ebb and flow like waves

Kissing my mind’s sandy shores

Pulling my words away 
You are my medium

My spirit spelling myself

Outside my heart looking in

A spectator of each of my doom
You are also my Sceptre

A glory otherwise unknown

Scribbled on ageing paper

Regailing folklores of a different time…


Bring me the largest size in the store

For I skinned my heart and ate it whole

My skin is waiting for room to explode

But I wasn’t always a food whore
Mothers loved me as a child

For a never refused a morsel 

Girls hated my body’s guts

For it welcomed every kind of filth 
But it never showed
Now I roam the nights alone

Through the bright light of my phone

I’m too ashamed to explore

My body’s unsightly folds
When did it come to this?

That girl in the mirror wonders

I rarely see her these days

Can’t meet her eye
Because I never slowed 
I tell myself I’m not old

I still have time to atone

These sins of a skin too tired to hold

This bag of filthy food and bones
The girl she sighs – walking off the mirror

She’s given up and so have I 

Every time a void is filled

With chocolate muffins and cherry pies
But I tell my soul
One more bite and I will be done

One more cake and he’ll be forgotten 

Eat broken hearts and feel none 

Feed my anxiety to calm it down
The girl in the mirror is back with her evil smile

Telling me how vile and ugly I was at every bite

I’m down a rabbit hole now aren’t I 

For she was the reason I ate my pride