The Dancer

Odissi, by Gungur

You are the leaf

The music your breeze

It touches you in places

You never thought existed
You are the pebble

Softly ebbing the river’s flow

You are still

And yet you move to it’s rhythm! 
You are the grass

Trampled upon by baby feet

Of humans you’d rather not meet

You are rooted to your ground
You are the tree

Each mudra a branch

A name – a word sent out to the world

The rain is your anklet the ground your feet
You grow on sun’s hallowed stage

Wait for the rain and hailstorm 

You shiver quietly to the winters hymn 

And breakthrough at each spring’s song
And when they mow down your soul

Dry out your river, 

Saw your bark and knaw at your roots

You are Durga
Hoisted on your ride ready to roar 

To cut down the heads of the Machevillian whores 

And dance atop their bodies slain by the tides

Until the sun shines again and the rain falls 

And you are a leaf once more.

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