Broken Girls

They say

“broken girls blossom into warriors”

Do I strive to break or be broken?

Read unspoken words

Scamper to the top of mountains

Look down at my bruised feet and my swollen chest

I feel no pain just my pride

For I’ve blossomed


Each chink in my armour

Makes me stronger

If you claw on my skin

It’s your fingers that bleed

If Someone breaks my bones

They slowly turn to gold

So I break, keep breaking until this earth

Is full of tiny pieces of me

Until there is nothing left to break

I’ve blossomed

“Broken girls” they say

Around here they break one everyday

They wipe off her smiles

That dazzled their eyes

Like rainbows coming up for air

They deem her beauty too bright

So they cloud it with their darkness

And wait for the rains to bathe away

The fairies in her tales

Until only the ashes of a phoenix remain

She’s blossomed.

They break us in droves

A factory plucking out each dream

Storing us in jars

Until the anger is just ripe

They choke us till we can’t breathe

They don’t see, we no longer need to

We simply wait

on the edge of life

Blossoming everyday

So here we stand battle ready

Swords unsheathed

Shields up

Ready to consume all their hate

Their anger is scripted on our skin

Scars that have branded stories

On a mind that wishes to forget

We are an army of warriors

Who never wanted a war…

Paper Doll

I remain that thing

You tie up in little strings

I smile so wide

When you draw my arms into wings

The day I was born

I was colored all bright

As I grew up I lay

Neglected for many nights

Fold me anyway you want

Crumble me in your arms

Then press me into your lap

You do me no harm

And when you’ll grow old

And your hands will be frail

You’ll remember your paper doll

You furiously impaled

Will you remember tearing apart?

Carving my limbs for show?

You’ll know I was never alive

I was always my own ghost.


Growing up….


Where is the song that was sung,
The heart that won
With a loss so big
Your soul was undone

Where is that lullaby
That flickered in your mind’s eye,
Kissed your small sighs
Bid your sorrow goodbye

Where is the sun that rose
At the end of the night’s woes
Lifted your black veil
Held your fragile heart so close

Where is the pride that led
You to refuse that measly bread
To say no his cursed bed
And instead of shame choose death

Where is the smile
That appeared without prejudice or trial
It’s lost in these worn miles
Across these roads muddied and riled…

Three Word Game

Sorrow. Joy. Life
Life. Simple. Happy
Happy. Her. Him
Him. Abuse. Her.
Her. Battered. Used.
Used. Sorrow. Life.

Sorrow. Joy. Life.
Life.Story. End.
End.Blood. Pain.
Pain. Love. Heart.
Heart. Anger. Hell.
Hell. Sorrow. Life.

Sorrow. Joy. Life.
Pain. Pain. Pain
Sorrow. Sorrow. Sorrow
Pain. Pain. Pain
Sorrow. Pain. Death…

P.S: Stop. Pain. Sorrow.
       Stop. Hurt. Life.
       Stop. Domestic. Violence!