childhood to the
back went things wish I

brilliant was victory each When

easy were Smiles

irrelevant is Time

seamless and fluid is It

and remain you lets It

you consumes bit by Bit

forwards Backwards

again Backwards

childhood in swing that Like

away me take Words

time of end the At

mine be shall Glory

that find to Only

behind look shouldn’t Stories

P.S. Avenoir means the desire the memory could flow backwards – perhaps then it makes sense?? http://www.dictionaryofobscuresorrows.com/post/103388659265/avenoir-n-the-desire-that-memory-could-flow 


Seems like the world didn’t miss me much
but I missed the world
I may have lost my quaint loathsome touch
but I am not yet at a loss of words…

I am lost in a good sense aren’t we all
so much senseless in this world
 that there ain’t no sense at all 😀

yeah there is this goofy feeling in me lately, you know the ones that make you smile for no reason and cry when you are alone? I apologize if this blog isn’t making sense to anyone anymore but writing for the sake of writing is my current favorite pastime. I am going to be on a hiatus for a while (as if the current break wasn’t enough) and will fill this blog again once I have a laptop of my own and am able to think of better things do in life than to just smile for no reason, watch absolutely ridiculous movies and read the worst books on the face of the earth in which the authors, actors and directors seem to have been at a loss of time and have consequently filled up empty voids with words of profanity!

To all those precious followers (i hav an extreme few) please don’t lose faith in this writer she is just having a writer’s block and refuses to kill herself over it. This too shall pass…I hope!