Knock on the Door

It pounds as it comes to life
my doors of hatred and spite
I look lost at the world ahead
at the easy happy roads I’ll tread
The pain I left behind
has melted in my mind
it seeps in through the cracks
through the unsavory joyous tracks
I look back sometimes hoping
that the door waiting to be opened
goes away in a blinding mist
makes its way to my bucket list
The pounding is now getting louder
like silent unending torture
I endure for now hoping I’d last
this failing torture of the past
At length I’d have to choose
to walk ahead with nothing to lose
or open the door as I look back
and let my soul fade to black….

The Black Swan

Stuck in a dream cloud
I worship thee, 
in you my dreams and nightmares you dwell
when in reality…you are me
A night for the insane
a day for perfection
in thee I find
my true self’s reflection
You are my eternity
my banal epiphany
You my expectation
my mortal enemy
Your will will break me
set me free in a misty glee
Your blood is in my hands
Alas, You…are, in fact, me…