The Red Shoe


A little red shoe
Is the gateway
To the world
Full of dreams for you

It lies in innocence
Deep in the garden
Of my blooming daffodils
Awaiting your remembrance

A swing set sways
Blown by the wind
Wishing for your company
On this winter’s day

Awaiting your tiny hands
That held on to the chains
And with each rise
Imagined unknown mysterious lands

A lovely dressed up doll
Sits alone at your tea party
She misses the hugs
That kept away the night’s cold

She awaits mundane conversations
Your fairy tale concerns
The view from the dollhouse now:
Everyday is a dark revelation

Perched on my window sill
My cold dark mind
Flutters like that bee
Buzzing around my daffodils

They miss your touch so tender
Their beauty belying the truth
They bloom from the love
Seeping through from six feet under….

The Butterfly Effect

I start my day at dawn
fly in the joyous sun
I live in colors
looking for the blossomed ones

She smiles everyday
as I meet her in the park
we speak of lonely times
spent in the dark

Many have come before
none like me, she says
I am a bit more gentle
in my nectared ways

Such is life and love
nothing lives and lasts
in the end we’d be in boxes
unliving the forgotten pasts