This death that creeps in

Is neither yours nor mine

It doesn’t discriminate 

Red white black and blue

It, just, is…

It stays its hand

When you breathe out

Each night when your bones creak

It lets out a sigh

Like an old friend, it waits by your side…

It’s not the darkness you see

In the shadows

That’s just your fear of an unknown light

Death loves you

Just like life, it lurks…

In that empty room

In the depth of the night 

When you decide to stop your fight 

Its embrace is warm

And like your angel, it lets you fly…

Dear Me


Dear me from tomorrow,

I wish you one day look back at today

And remember only the smiles

I wish you could look at me now

Only rainbows and stars here for a while

Dear me from yesterday,

I wish you’d know

This too shall pass

And at the tiny edge of time

The emptiness barely lasts

Dear me from tomorrow,

Remember when people said

You were a disappointment

Look at what you are now!

And imagine their astonishment

Dear me from yesterday

Remember that guy who waits?

The one whose heart you break

Remember him for he is the first bad karma

Of many that you will make

Dear me from tomorrow,

The solitude you embrace today

Is the same one you feared before

You never knew did you?

The importance of an empty room?

Dear me from yesterday,

Your story won’t end here

No matter how much you will try

You almost yearn for sorrow right now

But soon you will learn to cry in joy!

Dear me,

Promises and regrets are part

Of a twisted circle of you mind

The joy that lies ahead

Is an answer to the sorrow left behind…

10 Reveals!

I recently came across a challenge to reveal 10 honest things about me… So here goes:

1) Sometimes I wish for clinical insanity (crazy people get away with a lot of things!)

2) Mostly I prefer telling caving to confrontation

3) Just because I write dark poetry doesn’t mean I feel like killing myself everyday, I am just curious about what hides behind sunflowers and rainbows

4) Although I appear very sure of myself in front of my friends, the one person I am most unsure of in this whole world is me…

5) When I’m going through writer’s block, I wish for something terrible to happen just so that I have something to write about!

6) I protect my writing too much and haven’t applied to publishing houses / poetry contests for the fear of rejection (I’m working on garnering the courage)

7) There is always a song in my head

8) I judge every book by its first line (first line of Love in Time of Cholera – “The smell of bitter almonds always reminded him of unrequited love”)

9) I judge a song by the lyrics

10) I believe way too much in karma and connect every single good / bad coincidence to something I may have done…

If you are reading this you have been challenged…go for it!

The Voice of Conscience

She calls me far away
Bidding me come back
To what remains
In these desert sands

Do I forgive my sins
And wash them away
Or do I take the road
Far less strayed?

She tells me it’s a forgotten memory
It’s story lies in the truth
My heart’s salvation
My soul’s unread book

I pass by the death pass
Rock on through the valley
Climb these dark mountains
Into my heart’s back alley

A fortified ruin it stands
Atop my stories of disgrace
But its strength lies in pieces
Of its unabashed face

She breathes a troubled sigh
sad at the drifting apart
She wonders when I would walk back
into the ruined chambers of my heart….