Blank Space (as explained by an introvert)



This is what my silence looks like

A dark room full of unknown faces

All of your eyes on me

Waiting for words that just



These are my hands

Trembling at the thought

Of wading past an ocean of thousands of you

At the end of this night

Swaying me with your tides

Invading my silence over and over again

This is also my space

Empty but for my breath

These walls are my friends

All the same colour

But each with a different heartbeat

Slowly teaching me…. How to be

The space holds in it years

Of avoiding strangers like you

It’s what our mothers used to say right?

But while I was busy warding off the evil

I’ve also kept a few new souls away

It’s a price I pay and I pay it in plenty

And from where I’m standing

Silence is a precious prize

You’ll call me the quiet one

Wonder why I look scared

When you call me beautiful

Sigh when I look away each time you try to smile at me

Wonder why I have nothing to say

When you say my words have changed your life

You’ll deem me just a mystery

Intertwined with your life for no reason

“She’s just shy”, others will say

And you will wonder why I am not that shy on this stage

You don’t see what I see

You don’t see my blank space

This is also my canvas

Where I paint stories

Through relentless strokes of my mind

Stories of unrequited love and outraged fists raised in hope

Stuffed in jars like fireflies lighting up my nights

Where my realities collide

Burning through my dark skies like fire

Until my words like stars turn into dust

You may call me the introvert

Claim I dwell in caves

While I spend my weekends in empty rooms

This mind tethering at the edge of my page

You may even give up and walk away

To never come back again

But this.


This thing u call a blank space

And shrug off because it’s empty

This is my whole world, my masterpiece!

And you…..are just a background.


Art by Julia Popova

blink and I disappear 

My heart only steps out 

For one slight minute 

For just that one second

I express a voice for you to listen 

A voice – my voice 

That very one you have tried to drown

Deep in the crevices of your mind

blink and I disappear 

Suddenly I’m an apparition 

No longer a constance 

But a heavy soul 

Weighed down in this word 

This world – your world 

The world that quietly sits head bowed in the corner of the bar

And swallows awkward conversations mixed in cocktails

blink and I disappear 

I feel myself fading 

With the first of the light 

My rage now a resignation 

Words breathe out their last

These words – my words 

The ones that were penned

On silent soulless nights 

You blink and I’ve disappeared 

Drifting away from a wasted life

You’ve walked away 

Like you always did 

Like it meant nothing 

This life – my life

That only dwells in your darkness 

And embraces your nights like a friend


An Afterthought – 

Nights are like ocean tides where I flow,

Your unending dream.



In the peace and quiet

Of a thoughtful song

I dream of days

That would fail to be too long

In that one dream, time

Doesn’t exist.

We all remain tied up

To perpetual bliss

Here we walk ahead in future

Embrace with love the past

Darkness here, isn’t scary

Love lies in silences that last

Here gods dwell in smiles

And nature is always kind

In this dream my heart doesn’t break

And even my mind is mild

Old age is a wisdom

And youth an exuberance

Death is like a joyful journey

And there is rarely a sad remembrance

Rainbows follow you around

And fields of green they embrace you

In this dreamland when at night you sleep

The stars they slowly kiss you

Closer to the dawn that breaks

Far away someone calls out my name

And in a broken minute the dream ends

And I am back to this life’s relentless game.

Dream Box

In my box
I live in a dream
Where no one can see
Or even pass on a scream
I think of the crime
Of a broken heart
In that box
I leave my soul apart
At length I open my eyes
And see my dreams have stayed
In my joy and grace
My deepest desires lay displaced
My story remains untold
A consequent of a dreamt death
I lay bare in those arms
Waiting sometimes for a last breath
What happens when the box is gone
And so are stories of past
What happens when my dream box has left
And its only sorrow that lasts?

Waiting for a bad dream

No blood work
no incredulous screams
my life is a canvas
tearing off at its seams

it ends before it begins
in an empty box
I have already been in there
already ran out my clock

no tragic death
no loose ends
I hope for sorrow
for my joy’s misery never ends

when the imaginary knife
plunges through my fake veins
I pretend I have my life
well within my reigns

No broken heart 
that meets an end
with only the pen and paper
my imaginary friends

As a new night shuts in
brings a bad dream
and I wake up with a tired smile
for sometimes pain is better than it seems