A rooted life

I have stayed
many years 
branches on branches
living through many tears
the wind walks past
like an old friend
passing along
softly before the end
I was home 
to a lost family
of canaries and sparrows
of squirrels and bees
They laughed with me
cried their pain
flew far wide
before coming home again
All the chirpy evenings
the secret joys
of secret meetings
they passed me by
At length there came a time
my strength wore down
a fearless victim
of a woodcutter’s cold frown
He struck long and hard
crying tears of rage
this was my final stand
my life’s last stage
even as I fall
I fall with a smile
for I’d live on as warmth
of a winter night’s pyre

What’s Justice?

I live in the images of death
in the lives of wrath
and in the depth of despair
in the sorrow of this red sand

I am silent
I do not scream
and yet I haunt your days
and your darkest dreams

I lived in innocence
and died in negligence
I laughed at joy
and cried in agony

What justice you serve
what fruitless spite
what end you hand over
to this endless fight

I have sighed my last
laughed over my past
and yet you live
your guiltless heart

What justice you give me
What dress for this wound
What life for the lifeless
What justice for my tomb?