Perhaps love grows
In conversations
Or in smiles
Or in ambiguous persuasions

In my stupid mind
I first fall then rise
Ebbing and flowing in waves
Of dreamy sighs

And then on starry nights
Under the yellow lamp posts
I slowly give in
And abandon my unholy ghosts

The voices are quiet
For now
They await the slow destruction
Of the written word’s flow

They only know darkness
Found shadows
Under bright lights
And never let the night go

Perhaps now in the eternal sunshine
Of a mind sans blemishes
They slowly unravel
And surrender to the heart’s wishes



High among the clouds
Lies a beauty of hope
Her flight in history
Has been ebbing in endless flows

She is perched in feathers
Exudes a beauty ethereal
She smiles when surrendering
To our dreamy tears

Up in the sky
Does she see the path
Blurred with the walls
Stuck in an eternal aftermath

Everything is a result
Of something sinister
Does Hope see the light
Across this dark reflective river?

Is she in the sun
That shines through the tiny window
Is that her in the corner of the eye
Begging my soul to let go?

Does she like an angel
Fly in the depths of a mind’s sky
Or is she the Icarus
Who falls after an unreal flight?

The Minute before…

Take a deep breath
and fall apart
You now know this wasn’t
destined by the stars
You have walked through
Worse and been together
So take a deep breath
and fall apart

You are wondering
If the blood is worth the time
You are resenting
The pain that is yours and mine
It was never
A question of the heart
So take a deep breath
And fall apart

A life judged by the knife
A soul scarred by hate
Are all reasons your mind
Endlessly makes
This pain is for now
And won’t forever last
So take a deep breath
And fall apart….