Her shadow


I was born as an afterthought
A shadow of her truth
I was never surprised
That I wasn’t their God’s perfect muse

I was a plan B
A wilful addition
Aren’t we all?
We ,the secondary volitions…

I often wonder
Would I have been different
If she’d have stepped in after me
Like her, would I have been as benevolent

In sharing their love
Like a share of the pie
Would I have done the same?
If she teared up would I have cried?

Would I have felt then
What I feel now
Would I have thought myself
A useless tug along tow?

But it hits me
Uselessness is a disease
It has nothing to do with her
My mind goes where it pleases

And it pleases to think me
I’m masochistic that way
Without her as my blissfully ignorant glee


Sigh. Smile. Reminisce.
The thought awakens real slow
In this empty world
I’d rather be her shadow
Than go it alone
Or grant her my own

The day she cried…

She cried
For souls lost
Love forlorn
And tombs in gold were cast

Like flickers of a lamp
The tiny hearts they beat
Fading slowly I wonder
Is their pain the same as the one she feels


When did innocence die
Was it the cold November day
Or has it been dying
Since He left us to wander astray

She cried
Wondering where the brother went
Sighing about how without a fight
One loses a best friend

How do we walk on
Paths laid out by those who rest
How do we smile
Across shrouds of souls thus blessed?

This little angel
In my minds unnerved eye
She cries today
As the processions pass her by

How many more sons
How many brothers
Must walk this cursed path
She wonders

And then in a breathy sigh
She walks back through the rusted doors
Wondering does he play here still?
Are those his footsteps on the floor??

The End of a Friend

Lines across the face
The stones on the path
They don’t have to be a story
Of a life that doesn’t last
A friend is still a friend
Even if they don’t think of you
As the place to run and hide
When they have nowhere else to go

They walk in with a crown of thorns
Claim the throne and shut the door
They walk right past your fear
And start exploring death some more
A friend is still a friend
Even if they think of death
And you want to claim their life
And bring them back to their gasping breaths

They may drive you mad
With the walking away
They come back to your tears
Like it was any other day
A friend is still a friend
Even if they pick a rotten heart to save
Over your unconditional soul
Even if they walk away
Without a goodbye scroll

An ode to a friend

Ain’t worth your time
This lost hope
It ain’t worth your pain
Not worth your soul
Life isn’t a box
Nor the world an oyster
But when it breathes in joy
Don’t you forget to remember — 
Nothing’s worth these tears
For now just hush and smile
For the love around you
Will make it worth your while
It’s not about the people who left
It’s about those who are
Don’t you close your doors
Don’t shut out your heart. 
You are always the love for someone
An exotic mystery with no clues
You will always be this heart’s kindness
A lonely poet’s broken muse 🙂 

To what remains…

This is a start
Always was one
You and I we all are going to be smiling
When all of this is done
We walked past those doors
To give our life some clue
And months down the road
We all became brand new
We mocked our best friends
Sworn off the enemies
We danced on the tunes
Of unexpected reveries
Two years of love
Two years of friendship
We have learnt more than just life
Yes, we have been on quite a trip J

It’s the beginning of the end
I shall shed no tear this time
For this is not the end
This is the start of the rest of our lives!

On The Road…

The Times are changing
So are we
In a phone call that never came
We became all that we could be
You walk past these gates
A man with a dream
And yet the beautiful tides that await
Undo your lost screams
You left something unsaid
When you walked out of the door
You wish you had turned back
And embraced the memories some more
On the road around the world
There will come a moment of truth
When you’ll remember the laughter
And all that you had wanted to do
But moonlit night would let you know
Even when you left home
You never left the memories
You’re never truly alone…
The letters never sent, were always read
The words unsaid, were always heard
That phone call you missed
was always remembered

Mumbai Minutes

Just as the clock turns to 4 in the city that never sleeps, there is this one room up in the Girl’s Hostel of SPJIMR where the light are on. By the looks of it, the city around me (at least the view outside) is sleeping and I’m listening to some jazz by the beloved Dr. House, Hugh Laurie. No, No, these aren’t bouts of insomnia. They are just moments in the dark wondering the meaning of social equations. 

So this one is for all those people who think it necessary (even obligatory) to read EVERY single blog by a friend. Please don’t bother constantly reading what I write waiting for it to make sense, for if it didn’t make sense the first few times, it wouldn’t make sense now either. 

I, for one, am a huge believer in individual opinion (LOVED Ayn Rand) and do not feel you should do anything obligatory AT ALL. So all those handshakes you do because you HAVE to? Don’t do them unless you want to and if you still give in to the rules of social conduct you are just making yourself look smaller and in fact in certain cultures (including ours) you are a closeted social psychopath! For you are shaking someone’s hand and thinking I really don’t want to be here!

I used to be that person for majority of my life too so I understand what you are going through. The sudden all important question of “Oh My God, What will they/he/she think?!” is the worst curse on all the members of this twisted society. 

I have learnt it the hard way but the only person you really need to please is YOU and even while some overrated virtuous people who talk of how they want to “selflessly” help their friends and expect a golden star for it. I am of the belief that unless doing something nice for somebody in your life makes you happy, you are not being benevolent, you are just hoping for a medal.

I have been blessed with finding unlikely individuals who feel the same way I do! My best friends (god knows I love you guys!) have taught me the real meaning of the word love, it’s not about what you do for the other person, it’s more about doing something for them and finding your joy in theirs!

So this here is a tribute for “like-minded” individuals who choose to befriend and read what I write and shake hands not because they HAVE to but because they WANT to! and the others? BEWARE: you are on your way to becoming the guy who brings the gun one day to office and shoots everyone down! Either shut yourself into your hole or better still make a few friends for REAL than living the life your mirror wants you to live!