Of fleeting joys
and stagnant sorrows
this has been an year
of hopeful tomorrows

An year when I lost
my soul’s remembrance
a year of death and love
and a peaceful embrace

An year that marked a journey
a chapter in a lowly life
an year that helped my veins
walk away from the friendly knife

An year of me finding faith
in a vulnerable laugh
an year when sometimes
I even dreamt of my own epitaph

An year that brought with it
some great new friends
an year that remembered with a sigh
the untimely ends

I would look back and smile perhaps
or would it be tears tonight
for I bid goodbye to an year
that helped me open up to light….

Merry Christmas

It was a mute prayer
in the world of a god I know not
It is the lazy silence
that the beautiful day after brought
Last Christmas you wished for a soul
A way to go, a place to hide
A way to take away the sorrows
of taking failure in a stride
There were secrets last Christmas
best kept in joy
there were gifts from secret santas
beautiful heartfelt toys
This Christmas a new wish beckons
a new beautiful truth welcomes you
For on this year’s Christmas
Your Secret Santa…is You 🙂