Merry Christmas

It was a mute prayer
in the world of a god I know not
It is the lazy silence
that the beautiful day after brought
Last Christmas you wished for a soul
A way to go, a place to hide
A way to take away the sorrows
of taking failure in a stride
There were secrets last Christmas
best kept in joy
there were gifts from secret santas
beautiful heartfelt toys
This Christmas a new wish beckons
a new beautiful truth welcomes you
For on this year’s Christmas
Your Secret Santa…is You 🙂

The Morning After

With birds he shares his view
he flies high and low 
in this soft brew
he drowns my love
They drink the last drink 
smoke the last high
but there is no lack of think
no rivers run dry
At length when the haze goes away
and some find themselves in tears
others run another happy day
Another fake smile to wear
In this din and commotion
the heart stops at noisy tracks
But it’s not heart or emotion
it is only beauty that this lost soul lacks
When the morning dawns
the jokes on the one that flew the highest
for reality is not beautiful
when you fall down the hardest!

Head vs Heart

My bloodhounds await
The shimmering night
They growl and grovel
At the lack of fright
They are in my head
Constant reminders
Of a crumbled up mesh
But this heart’s grown kinder
In a life lived in despair
There is never a happy hope
My head sneers at the thought
But my heart refuses to cope
At length when the lights come around
In the dark and lonely road
A flicker of a smile is found
In an effort to let pain go
Before this night is over
Before the moment passes me by
This time I shall fight my hounds
This time I shall write of joy!

My journey just began!

Something waits at the end of the line
I see it smile and hide away
A ghost like mischief
It shows itself again
And then blinds me into a blissful sleep
Joy is an understated promise
Happiness an added luxury
My end suddenly seems
Like the best end of it all
It washes past me and meets me in my dreams
Something waits behind that hill
A promise better than a sunrise
A wish stronger than the stars
In that strength of fearless hope
This life lauds its brave heart
At the last step to the top
The mind is scared
Of dead ends and living things
The feet take the last swing
The lungs the last breath
Only to find a perfect end is a better beginning
At the end of this line
Lies the start of another!